ICYMI: Atlanta totally published an anthology.


It is called Tender Bloodsport. Need we say more?

Well, sure, we'll say more.

From writers borne of the university, the stages of ratty independent theaters, open mics at Charis, the barstools at Manuel's...these wildly disparate voices come together to form a community, united under a banner of annihilating all comers with their A­ material. This is Tender Bloodsport
Edited by Write Club Atlanta’s Nicholas Tecosky and Myke Johns along with Deer Bear Wolf's Matt DeBenedictis, Tender Bloodsport is a collection featuring the amazing design work of Brian Manley and writing by playwright Topher Payne (Perfect ArrangementAngry Fags), author Kate Sweeney (American Afterlife), Suehyla El­Attar (The Doctor, The Devil and My Dad), Johnny Drago (Trash), Theresa Davis, Regina Bradley, Brooke Hatfield, Michael Henry Harris, and many more. Twenty-five (mostly) seven-minute pieces from what Creative Loafing has named Atlanta's Best Reading Series three years in a row.
The writing compiled in Tender Bloodsport was forged for battle. Write Club pits writers against each other in timed bouts over opposing concepts: Up vs. Down, Laugh vs. Cry, Weak vs. Strong, etc. and combatants have seven minutes apiece to sway the audience with their words. Write Club Atlanta is a reading series in the same way a Sex Pistols gig was a music recital.


Stay tuned for the anthology.

We are launching a book and stuff. It's made up of a handful of our favorite essays from the last few years -- in Chicago, Atlanta and San Francisco. (We wanted to publish a bajillion more but our higher-ups said, "Hold the phone. Save it for book #2.")


So, keep watch and we will unveil this baby in the coming months.

Chapter 61: Violence, it Turns out, IS the Answer

Holy Hannah! Last evening's WRITE CLUB Chicago was soup-to-nuts outstanding. I you were not in attendance, you missed out on Jeffrey Yosephus Dorchen's victorious kick of Nixon corpse, Stephen Walker's victory in failure, and my own narrow victory extolling the many virtues of Suicide by Butter. Sterling pieces also presented by Those Who This Time Did Not Prevail Scott T. BarsottiSondra Morin, and Maggie Jenkins. The sell-out crowd! The weirdness of Lindsay Muscato! The fervid awesomeness of Hideout Inn! You dopes missed out for real. See you in September, suckers.


Literary Chicago looks at the show as though we intentionally made a juggernaut. Which we did.

From Chicagoist: "Yes. You read that right. Butter." 


Chapter 60: Bad Mother…Shut Your Mouth

Holy hopping hominy. Last night's WRITE CLUB Chicago was like if a humdinger had a baby with a barn burner - it was a full-on slaughterhouse of a smarty-party. I know we've all got places to be/shit to do, but if you're not making time to check out this show, you are ROBBING YOURSELF OF AN ENDURING BLASPHEMING WONDERMENT. A metric ton of thanks go to each of the ninja-assassins that not only brought the roof down at Hideout Inn, but splintered it to toothpicks: Noelle KrimmJen EllisonMark Chrisler!Amber HargroderWilly NastRyan P. Duke! Thanks also to Lindsay Muscato for keeping peculiar time with Swiss accuracy, and Evan Hanoverfor gobbling it all up with his hungry, hungry camera. It was positively DIZZYING, I tells ya - if you know what's good for ya, you'll make it out to the last show of the season on Tue, June 17.

Chapter 59: Without Representation

Public thanks stacked high go to victors Cullen Crawford,Gwynn Fulcher, and the loathsome Bob Stockfish, and to Those Who Did Not Prevail, Josh Zagoren and Jessica Anne for last evening's WRITE CLUB Chicago. It was a killer, killer, KILLER show. Lindsay MuscatoAnne Statton, and Hideout Inn - you each remain the best, as well. Evan Hanover - thanks to you for capturing the high jinks, you never fail to elevate the jinks.