Bare-Knuckled Lit: The Best of WRITE CLUB

Bare-Knuckled Lit: The Best of WRITE CLUB is a collection of our funniest, most persuasive, and deliciously pugnacious essays. These 24 pieces feature top writers from Chicago, Atlanta and San Francisco. They are all damn good.

Edited by Lindsay Muscato + Ian Belknap, Foreword by Samantha Irby

Published by Hope and Nonthings


Tender Bloodsport

Our Atlanta-based fight crew published a collection with the ever-so-incredible Deer Bear Wolf: 

Edited by Write Club Atlanta’s Nicholas Tecosky and Myke Johns along with Deer Bear Wolf's Matt DeBenedictis, Tender Bloodsport is a collection of some of the best work to cross the WCA stage from 2011 to 2014, featuring the amazing design work of Brian Manley and writing by playwright Topher Payne (Perfect ArrangementAngry Fags), author Kate Sweeney (American Afterlife), Suehyla El­Attar (The Doctor, The Devil and My Dad), Johnny Drago (Trash), Theresa Davis, Regina Bradley, Brooke Hatfield, Michael Henry Harris, and many more. Twenty-five (mostly) seven-minute pieces from what Creative Loafing has named Atlanta's Best Reading Series three years in a row.