Power vs. Justice: Episode 18

Corrbette Pasko and Lily Be rip the roof off the Hideout tavern with this face-off in Chicago. These performances come from our post-election show in January, when everything was really bleak. Not like now. Not like now at all. These are some of the most epic performances we've had on our stage, from two veteran WRITE CLUB combatants, and we are pleased to bring them to your earbuds for portable listening.

Just maybe don't listen in public unless you love being that tear-stained wretch on the rush-hour bus.


Ballot vs. Bullet: Episode 17


Two of our most revered essayists, Janna Sobel (BALLOT) and Noelle Krimm (BULLET), face off at Chicago's legendary Hideout tavern. This live show was the most uplifting thing that happened to us last month, so you should probably listen to it at least twelve times. Ian and Lindsay manage to have a somewhat coherent conversation, despite current events turning them into muttering, twitching basket cases. The only "carnage" here is the heat of two literary titans clashing in a darkened bar. So—that's something. Submit discussion questions for future episodes to lindsay@writeclubnation.com. YES THERE IS EXPLICIT CONTENT SOMEWHERE IN HERE.

Give vs. Receive: Episode 16

Two of Chicago's favorite writer-performers, Emily Rose & J.W. Basilo, face off on the season's most pressing question: better to give or to receive? These are some of the most beautiful performances we found in WRITE CLUB's archives, wrapped up with a bow, just for you. You jerk.

Bonus: Ian and Lindsay hash out their opposing thoughts on the holiday season. (Submit discussion questions for a future episode to: lindsay@writeclubnation.com). 


Ride vs. Die: Episode 15


This episode has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, but this battle did take place in the Cubs' hometown, so step outside of Wrigley for a minute and hear two of the best performers in the whole damned town.

Samantha Irby scorches the earth with RIDE and Carly Oishi slams one home with DIE—for a live audience a few months ago, packed into The Hideout tavern.

Ian and Lindsay talk about a whole bunch of nonsense, none of which is related to the phrase "ride or die" but is sort of tangentially amusing and related to the words "ride" and "die."

Also we learn about Ian's giant collection of blacklight posters. 



First vs. Final: Episode 14

This time, we're bringing you the most clear-cut battle of opposites that we could find: FIRST vs. FINAL.

It's the dead of summer, over here at WRITE CLUB headquarters. The a/c can barely keep up with our core temperatures. The entire operation teeters on the brink of implosion. 

If you can relate, then this episode is for you: A rallying burst of rejuvenation from Gwynn Fulcher (FIRST), and a smash-bang last day of school with Cher Vincent (FINAL).

Yes, this episode just might save you from pushing your a/c unit out of the window and onto unsuspecting passersby. Not that we would ever consider such a thing.

Ian and Lindsay mutter on about some crazy nonsense, between the essays. 

Yes, probably some explicit language contained herein. Edited by Annie Costakis, directed by Josh Zagoren, produced by Lindsay Muscato.

Lost vs. Found: Episode 13

Beware, explicit content may await you.


This episode pits the incredible Nicholas Tecosky (LOST) against the incomparable Theresa Davis (FOUND), in a matchup that will 1) take whatever socks you are wearing, 2) whip them off your feet, and 3) throw them at least a thousand yards down the street.

The bout comes straight from our Southern bureau in Atlanta, where Nick also hosts the whole shebang, per usual, with Myke Johns, at the Highland Ballroom.

Podcast hosts Ian and Lindsay talk about nonsense they've lost and found and answer questions from totally made-up audience members, as real audience members have failed, thus far, to send in any questions for their Q&A segment. 

Whatever, it's still good.

Edited by Annie Costakis, directed by Josh Zagoren, produced by Lindsay Muscato. 

Hear more of WRITE CLUB Atlanta and learn about upcoming shows.


Blessing vs. Curse: Episode 11

This month we're featuring this incredible bout from our friends at WRITE CLUB Atlanta.

Plus, Lindsay co-hosts with a guest, Chad the Bird, who is a bird:

Chad the Bird.

Chad the Bird.

Suehyla El-Attar (BLESSING) vs. Topher Payne (CURSE)

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Topher Payne

Topher Payne writes things of all sorts, but mostly plays. His shows Swell Party and Angry Fags were both nominated for Outstanding World Premiere and The Gene-Gabriel Moore Playwriting Award at the 2013 Suzi Bass Awards. His work has been produced by 7 Stages Theater, Steppenwolf, and Primary Stages in New York, among many others. His audiobook, Funny Story: The Incomplete Works of Topher Payne, is available in all the places you'd expect. Get on that.

Suehyla El-Attar

Born and raised in Starkville, MS by Egyptian-Muslim parents, Suehyla El-Attar had no choice but to become a writer/actor, and (most recently) a director.

In 2014, she received the Gene-Gabriel Moore Playwriting Award for her script THIRD COUNTRY just after the open of her most recent show, THE DOCTOR, THE DEVIL, & MY DAD (featuring Nicholas Tecosky. Yes. THAT Nicholas Tecosky). She was named the 2014 Alliance Theatre Artist Lab Fellow and spent a year under the tutelage of Susan Booth (Artist Director for the Alliance Theatre), Celise Kalke (Director of New Projects), and Jody Feldman (Casting Director and Associate Producer).

As a stage actress, she’s received multiple nominations and one win. As a film/tv actress, she’s looking to build her fame on one-liners.  She currently lives in Decatur with her guy, Pat, and their two cats.

Edited by Annie Costakis, directed by Josh Zagoren, produced by Lindsay Muscato. 

Special thanks to Atlanta hosts/producers nicholas tecosky and myke johns, of course, our performers.

Seige vs. Cede: Episode 10

WC ep 10 seige vs cede graphic.jpg


Explicit content contained herein. 

From our WRITE CLUB San Francisco bureau, it's Seige vs. Cede, with two mighty combatants:

Kamala Puligandla (SEIGE) vs Seanan McGuire (CEDE)

Both fictional pieces this time, they're full of delicious lines like:

  • I watched Kelly Ripa selling sleek dishwashers on TV and wondered how much more dead I'd have to look, to sell efficient appliances to Americans.
  • The model and the experimental yogurt artist? We were a natural pair.
  • The war on Christmas was a lie and a piece of political maneuvering as flimsy as it was facetious but they said it over and over again... and when they said it about the coffee cups that was the last straw.
  • Let them come, with their tinsel and their toys. Let them wrap us tight in their early sales and clearance tags... we can be a conquered people for a while.

Hosts Ian and Lindsay discuss their special talents; the tyranny of lawn care; and additional nonsense. 

Edited by Annie Costakis, directed by Josh Zagoren, produced by Lindsay Muscato. Hosted by Ian Belknap and Lindsay Muscato. 

Special thanks to host Casey Childers and, of course, our performers.

Joy vs. Sorrow: Episode 9



Our Atlanta chapter brings us an incredible showdown: Joy vs. Sorrow.

Our writers this episode are Myke Johns (JOY), a producer of WRITE CLUB Atlanta, who tells us why he doesn't like Hamilton. Spoiler: the whole piece unspools into a beautiful meditation on taste, culture, and living with what hurts.

Chris Alonzo (SORROW), a seasoned pro at mopping the floor with WRITE CLUB combatants, dissects true sorrow. Pro tip: keep one hand on your chin, lest it drop to the floor. 

Who will prevail? Only you can decide.

Plus, hosts Ian Belknap and Lindsay Muscato hash through their own joys and sorrows. Find out what toy the Overlord played with as a child, before he became the gruff dictator we know today. And Lindsay introduces us to Silvie, the fish. Who was silver. 


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Links of note

Study vs. Cheat: Nov 2015 Podcast

This month's performers, from Chicago:
Carly Oishi for study, versus Jeremy Owens for cheat.

Carly Oishi pulls no punches, and Jeremy Owens takes on a champion. Hosts Ian and Lindsay debate the finer points of realistic architecture and whether Mark Twain qualifies as a love interest. 

Directed by Josh Zagoren, edited by Annie Costakis. 

Find us on iTunes. contains explicit content, naturally. 

Obey vs. Rebel: Oct 2015 Podcast

Do you obey or do you rebel?

(Or, as one of our combatants asks, "Are you an assassin, or are you a servant of the Many-Faced God?") 

This month is another amazing bout, this time from the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, where we talk to one of the producers, Jeffrey Dorchen. Plus, hear Ian and Lindsay debate how they would command a submarine and other ridiculous things vaguely connected to the episode's theme. Josh Zagoren, our director, calls the shots and chortles in the background. Annie Costakis is our sound engineer and editor.


Martha Marion - Obey
Martha Marion is an actor, comedian, and poet. You can see her onstage all around LA with the comedy group Lost Moon Radio, and if you like her words, a theatrical interpretation of her latest poetry collection, The Second Bush Administration, will open this winter.

Heather Edwards - Rebel
Heather's most accomplished work was raising her children and her next projects include publishing an illustrated fable for girls, developing a new original sitcom and eventually opening for Amy Schumer one day.



Feast vs. Famine: Sept 2015 Podcast

We proudly present Evan Burton (FAMINE) and Emily Epstein White (FEAST) at WRITE CLUB San Francisco, performing at the Make Out Room. Evan does LSD in Times Square, Emily puts a bird on it, and we all benefit from their equally marvelous smarts.

We also call San Francisco, where host Casey Childers tells us this was a weirdly synced-up bout: "It's crazy. You would never plan on that. They didn't collaborate."  

Plus, Lindsay makes scrambled eggs for 7 billion people, and Ian reveals his most-hated ice cream topping. 



Guts vs. Glory: May 2015 Podcast

When guts faces off against glory, you can bet there's a humdinger of a fight. Kirk Anderson and Erica Dreisbach dynamite the doors off this one. Bonus: Ian tells us just how much loves ukeleles, and Lindsay reveals her love of time travel. Bouts recorded at Chicago's April show.

Read the full text of Kirk Anderson's piece here.

Read the full text of Erica Dreisbach's piece here.

The sound quality ain't up to our normal standards due to technical difficulties, so feel free to read along. 

Salted lovingly with explicit content. 

Find us on iTunes.

Beer vs. Whiskey: April 2015 Podcast

In this episode, Peter-john Byrnes and Julia Weiss face off on the eternal debate of buzz-seekers everywhere, beer vs. whiskey. Their bout comes from Chicago's March 2015 show, Chapter 68: POT OF KNUCKLES AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW. Bonus: Ian reveals his abyss-themed beverage. It's the first episode in a monthly, national series.

Find us on itunes.

Riddled with explicit content.