Obey vs. Rebel: Oct 2015 Podcast

Do you obey or do you rebel?

(Or, as one of our combatants asks, "Are you an assassin, or are you a servant of the Many-Faced God?") 

This month is another amazing bout, this time from the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, where we talk to one of the producers, Jeffrey Dorchen. Plus, hear Ian and Lindsay debate how they would command a submarine and other ridiculous things vaguely connected to the episode's theme. Josh Zagoren, our director, calls the shots and chortles in the background. Annie Costakis is our sound engineer and editor.


Martha Marion - Obey
Martha Marion is an actor, comedian, and poet. You can see her onstage all around LA with the comedy group Lost Moon Radio, and if you like her words, a theatrical interpretation of her latest poetry collection, The Second Bush Administration, will open this winter.

Heather Edwards - Rebel
Heather's most accomplished work was raising her children and her next projects include publishing an illustrated fable for girls, developing a new original sitcom and eventually opening for Amy Schumer one day.