Seige vs. Cede: Episode 10

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Explicit content contained herein. 

From our WRITE CLUB San Francisco bureau, it's Seige vs. Cede, with two mighty combatants:

Kamala Puligandla (SEIGE) vs Seanan McGuire (CEDE)

Both fictional pieces this time, they're full of delicious lines like:

  • I watched Kelly Ripa selling sleek dishwashers on TV and wondered how much more dead I'd have to look, to sell efficient appliances to Americans.
  • The model and the experimental yogurt artist? We were a natural pair.
  • The war on Christmas was a lie and a piece of political maneuvering as flimsy as it was facetious but they said it over and over again... and when they said it about the coffee cups that was the last straw.
  • Let them come, with their tinsel and their toys. Let them wrap us tight in their early sales and clearance tags... we can be a conquered people for a while.

Hosts Ian and Lindsay discuss their special talents; the tyranny of lawn care; and additional nonsense. 

Edited by Annie Costakis, directed by Josh Zagoren, produced by Lindsay Muscato. Hosted by Ian Belknap and Lindsay Muscato. 

Special thanks to host Casey Childers and, of course, our performers.