First vs. Final: Episode 14

This time, we're bringing you the most clear-cut battle of opposites that we could find: FIRST vs. FINAL.

It's the dead of summer, over here at WRITE CLUB headquarters. The a/c can barely keep up with our core temperatures. The entire operation teeters on the brink of implosion. 

If you can relate, then this episode is for you: A rallying burst of rejuvenation from Gwynn Fulcher (FIRST), and a smash-bang last day of school with Cher Vincent (FINAL).

Yes, this episode just might save you from pushing your a/c unit out of the window and onto unsuspecting passersby. Not that we would ever consider such a thing.

Ian and Lindsay mutter on about some crazy nonsense, between the essays. 

Yes, probably some explicit language contained herein. Edited by Annie Costakis, directed by Josh Zagoren, produced by Lindsay Muscato.