WRITE CLUB is deeply indebted to the dozens of performers, board members, donors and audience members who lend their attention, time and talent to the enterprise. 

Our tireless Headquarters staff includes... 


The chicago team includes:

EVAN HANOVER, staff photographer

Evan has been skulking around (though not on) the stages of Chicago’s theater and arts community for a good 15 years now. He has been an tireless documentarian of Belknap’s vitriol since Write Club arrived at The Hideout in July 2010. He also commits shutterbuggery with Barrel of Monkeys, The Hypocrites, InGen Productions and The Ruffians. He’s a company member of InGen and an Artistic Associate and dramaturg with The Neo-Futurists. His dog Pilgrim is fucking awesome, but you can see that. 

Corbette Pasko, Production Team

Corrbette Pasko is a Chicago native who hates the cold, so she's already self tortured enough to be a writer and an actor. She now does both of those things full time and therefore consumes the most coffee. She is an ensemble member with The Factory Theater, a wonderfully ridiculous place that process all original work, including plays written by her and her swell writing partner, Sara Sevigny. She has a web series in the works, because it's required of all citizens now, called "Corri and Sara Are Famous." You can follow her and Sara as they Jew Guilt members of congress and other elected officials at @unsolicitedjews. You can see more of her writing at corrbette.com, and she's represented by Stewart Talent. Also, she would like cheese. If you have some. Thanks.