Chapter 60: Bad Mother…Shut Your Mouth

Holy hopping hominy. Last night's WRITE CLUB Chicago was like if a humdinger had a baby with a barn burner - it was a full-on slaughterhouse of a smarty-party. I know we've all got places to be/shit to do, but if you're not making time to check out this show, you are ROBBING YOURSELF OF AN ENDURING BLASPHEMING WONDERMENT. A metric ton of thanks go to each of the ninja-assassins that not only brought the roof down at Hideout Inn, but splintered it to toothpicks: Noelle KrimmJen EllisonMark Chrisler!Amber HargroderWilly NastRyan P. Duke! Thanks also to Lindsay Muscato for keeping peculiar time with Swiss accuracy, and Evan Hanoverfor gobbling it all up with his hungry, hungry camera. It was positively DIZZYING, I tells ya - if you know what's good for ya, you'll make it out to the last show of the season on Tue, June 17.