Chapter 61: Violence, it Turns out, IS the Answer

Holy Hannah! Last evening's WRITE CLUB Chicago was soup-to-nuts outstanding. I you were not in attendance, you missed out on Jeffrey Yosephus Dorchen's victorious kick of Nixon corpse, Stephen Walker's victory in failure, and my own narrow victory extolling the many virtues of Suicide by Butter. Sterling pieces also presented by Those Who This Time Did Not Prevail Scott T. BarsottiSondra Morin, and Maggie Jenkins. The sell-out crowd! The weirdness of Lindsay Muscato! The fervid awesomeness of Hideout Inn! You dopes missed out for real. See you in September, suckers.


Literary Chicago looks at the show as though we intentionally made a juggernaut. Which we did.

From Chicagoist: "Yes. You read that right. Butter."