7:00 pm19:00

WC Chicago: Tuesday, Jan 10, 7pm

  • Hideout

We're BACK for a special show: Chapter 81: Like An Angered Phoenix

Advance tickets suggested: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1400357?_ga=1.114453007.964332988.1481578330



A lot has transpired. None of it good. This battered old Republic needs our hoarse-throated holler more than ever. Come get weeknight drunk and keen for the death of liberty.

Join Overlord Ian Belknap (New City's "Lit 50 2013/15" list) as he presides over this, SEASON OF RAGE-INGEST show ever. There will be PRIZES. There will be literary derring-do. There will be swan songs and rallying cries. There will be death knells and fresh hells. Co-host Lindsay Muscato will be on hand to be sure the show has an actual star. 

We're back, bitches. Feast your tired eyes on the bona fide badassery here on offer - it has been months and months. You gotta be there to make heard your existential scream-whimpers.

Only THREE of these valiant lionhearts will capture a Loving Cups of Deathless Fucking Glory - lend your voice to this crucial decision
Megan Stielstra (TRIUMPH) vs Emily Rose (TRAGEDY)
Corrbette Pasko (POWER) vs Lily Be (JUSTICE)
Janna Sobel (BALLOT) vs Noelle Krimm (BULLET)

9:00 pm21:00

WC Atlanta

  • Highland Inn Ballroom

Join us Wednesday, February 10th at the Highland Ballroom for the most badass reading series this (or any other) city has to offer. Doors and bar at 8pm, show at 9pm.

$10 at the door.

Don’t be a complete loser! JOIN US.

Répondez s’il vous plaît on Facebash.

Mark Kendall (NEED) v Justin Barisich (WANT)
Alka Roy (ALONE) v Frances Chang (TOGETHER)
Olive Lynch (HEAD) v Kevin Stillwell (HEART)

WCA’s Tender Bloodsport is coming at you:

Like it? Rate us five stars so others will listen. DO IT.

8:00 pm20:00

WC San Francisco

  • Make Out Room

WRITE CLUB SF is back October 20th to celebrate the arrival of fall, pumpkin spice lattes, and dissapointing relationships of convenience.

Reluctantly answering the call: Danielle Truppi, Louis Evans, Molly Sanchez, David Beaulieu, Jennifer Dronsky, and Casey Childers.

WRITE CLUB is 3 rounds of 2 writers going head to head over a pair of opposing topics with 7 minutes each—7 MINUTES ONLY—to sway the crowd.

This month's bouts: SQUASH vs. COAX, FALL vs. RISE, and LEAVES vs. COMES.

You pick the winner. Winner's charity gets money. Cool kids sip hot bevs in yoga attire.

$5-15 Pay what you can
21+ cash bar, ATM available
Doors at 7pm — Show at 8pm
Baby-Makin' Slow Jamz by 9:30

7:00 pm19:00

WC Los Angeles

  • Bootleg Theater

It may be a small world, but Write Club LA will expand your universe. JOIN US for an ENORMOUSLY entertaining evening of GIANT talent and HUGE bouts... 

Jane Morris HEAVEN vs HELL Ramsey Brown 

Joe Lavelle EARTH vs OUTER SPACE Howard Seth Cohen 

Raven Hughes BIRTH vs DEATH Vladimir Nemirovsky

But WAIT, there’s more: the hulking Guerilla Chef. The mammoth Melrose Poetry Bureau with their silver tongues and flying typewriters. THE BAR. A food truck. The laughing and lingering after the show. Big, BIG fun.

With your hosts, the Archduke of Awesomeness, Justin Welborn - The Whore of Hollywood Babylon Herself, Paula Killen and your Daimyo of Dyspepsia, Jeffrey Yosephus Dorchen 

Sound and Vision: J Warner & Yasmin Alishav

WRITE CLUB Los Angeles is produced by Jeffrey Yosephus Dorchen, Paula Killen, J Warner and Justin Welborn

Executive Producer: Jessica Hanna

$10-20 PWYC

(it's for charity and that is COLOSSAL!)